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Honest cliché alert: There has never been a better time to sell your car online than right now! You might be aware of new car shortages, given the slowdowns of last year. This means that used car prices have skyrocketed and so have their values as a trade. So if you’ve been driving something you’re not happy with, this is possibly the best time in automotive history to get out of it. Whether you still owe money, have missing paperwork, or are just flat-out tired of your current car, bring it in because Toyota of Irving wants it. Check out our new cars for sale because one of them could be your next car sooner than you think.

Sell Your Car Online to Toyota of Irving

You may have heard somewhere that we buy any car. And that’s a fact. Push, pull, or tow in that clunker that’s been growing flowers in your driveway. Cash in on that rare vintage vehicle. Get out of that finance deal that’s had you upside down forever. Here are some FAQs that show you how easy our process is:

Okay, Mr. Dealer. What is my car worth?

More than it’s ever been worth. On average, the used car market is up about 20% in pricing, given the demand. As such, your current vehicle’s value has also increased in price. With just a few minutes with us, we can get you a great offer.

Well, who buys cars near me?

Toyota of Irving, of course! Our in-person and online process only takes a few minutes. Give us a call, drop by, or use our easy online evaluation tool to sell your car online to us.

What do I need to do to sell my car to you?

You can come in, get an appraisal, ditch your old car, and leave with a check. You can also get an offer online, but you must bring in your vehicle for final determination. There’s no bait and switch tactic here. If your car is worth more, we’ll give you more. If you’ve said your car is “excellent,” but it recently burned to the ground and you forgot to mention that, it will be worth slightly less than the online quote.

If I sell you my car, do I need to buy one from you?

Nope. We’re happy to take yours off your hands. That said, we’ve got some incredible certified pre-owned Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs on hand that we know you’ll love. So unless you were planning on taking the bus home, we’ve got some great options for you!

You don’t want to wait. Production is picking up, and inventory issues will relax in the very near future. Make the most of the value of your current vehicle today. Just check out our inventory of used cars for sale. We’ve never seen market demand like this. This is your time to cash in.

Sell Your Car Online & Purchase Your Next Car Online Near Dallas

Toyota of Irving is a top new car dealer in Dallas for a reason. We have always had a strong commitment to our customers, and our ability to advance you the most cash for cars in Dallas is at an all-time high.

As we’ve said, we’ll buy your car from you whether you buy one of ours or not. No matter what you decide, we’re prepared to show you just how easy and beneficial this will be. We look forward to seeing what you bring and potentially giving you a lot of money for it!


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