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Used Toyota 4Runner SUVs For Sale Near Dallas, TX

Don’t just look for any used SUVs for sale; get a used Toyota 4Runner for sale — one of the most capable SUVs you’ve ever seen on the roads of Dallas, TX. After all, Toyota manufacturers are known for nothing if not making capable vehicles that are accessible to the masses. What could be better than a dependable SUV for a great price? Well… maybe a million dollars (if only to buy out our selection of the pre-owned Toyota 4Runner). Are you ready to discover a remarkable capability in a used SUV? Join us as we hop into the wonderful world of the used Toyota 4Runner.

Toyota 4Runner Trims

Different iterations of the Toyota 4Runner for sale have seen different options in trim levels, powertrains, and add-ons. One thing remains the same, however: their potential. A used Toyota 4Runner for sale has the potential to shock you with its aptitude for power and performance. What’s more is that the 4Runner has the potential to outrun every other SUV in Irving, TX (or anywhere else, for that matter). Throughout the years, Toyota vehicle designers have continually added on trims and special editions of this SUV for everyone to enjoy.

Since the 2017 4Runner, three trims have been added to the lineup. Since the 2010 4Runner, six additional trims have been included in the new Toyota 4Runner lineup. They’re always improving their offers so that everyone has the ability to match their car to their preferred driving style. Here’s everything that is available currently as a trim in the 4Runner lineup.

  • Toyota 4Runner SR5
  • Toyota 4Runner Trail Special Edition
  • Toyota 4Runner SR5 Premium
  • Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road
  • Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road Premium
  • Toyota 4Runner Venture Special Edition
  • Toyota 4Runner Limited
  • Toyota 4Runner Nightshade Special Edition
  • Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

Drivers are loving the Venture and Nightshade Special Edition trims. What that means is that, if these are your favorites, too, don’t forget to keep up with our ever-changing inventory. These editions go fast, and if you want them, you’ve got to keep up with the pace!

Toyota 4Runner Power

A used 4Runner for sale isn’t any less powerful than a new one is. Take the 2016 4Runner, for example. It boasted a 4.0L engine with a 5-speed shiftable automatic transmission that has 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque. Plus, it comes with AWD, so you know it could tackle anything then, and it can still tackle anything now.

To increase the capability of this model, designers also added a locking rear differential and crawl control on newer models. These allow you evenly distribute power to both rear wheels and easily traverse through rocky and uneven terrain with ease. Since the Toyota 4Runner has been ruling the off-road for over 35 years, it’s pretty much perfected the art. Heck, it might as well have written the book on it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are used Toyota 4Runner SUVs so expensive?

Used Toyota 4Runner SUVs typically have a higher price tag because they come standard with excellent off-roading capabilities, and most models have ample interior cargo space and tech that’s still innovative. These vehicles can handle trails, muddy locations, challenging weather conditions, and more – all without additional upgrades. Consider a used 4Runner if you want to indulge in off-roading adventures, trips up winding mountain roads, or beach excursions.

What year is a good Toyota 4Runner?

The Toyota 4Runner is an excellent SUV that can tackle tough conditions and has a selection of impressive model years. Focus on inventory from 2017 to the present to take advantage of the most modern infotainment and driver assistance technologies and safety features. Most models from this range of time offer a crisp backup camera, smartphone integration for seamless navigation, and much more.

How many miles do most 4Runner SUVs last?

A Toyota 4Runner is a hardy, capable, and highly reliable SUV that typically lasts upwards of a decade. When given the proper maintenance, the Toyota 4Runner can last about 200,000 miles. Since most drivers only travel about 12,000 miles annually, this SUV can last 16 or 17 years. Visit our Toyota of Irving service center regularly to keep your 4Runner in optimal condition.

Buy a Used Toyota 4Runner for Sale at Toyota of Irving

So, you want to buy a used Toyota 4Runner for sale. That’s great news because we have the selection and offers you can agree with. But, if you did decide to go off course and lease a Toyota 4Runner instead, we’d understand. No matter which way you slice it, the Toyota 4Runner is a great choice for hauling cargo, hauling kids, or hauling butt on the off-road.

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