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    New Toyota Cars, Trucks, & SUVs For Sale Near Dallas, TX

    Did you know that finding Toyota cars for sale can be an absurdly easy thing to do? Especially if you are near Irving, TX. Consider the team here at Toyota of Irving to be masters of Toyota cars, especially models like the Toyota Camry.

    Pristine New Toyota Vehicles for Sale –– All Day, Every Day

    As a Toyota dealer serving drivers in Dallas, TX, it is imperative to us that we preserve the brand’s values. We love offering distinct Toyota vehicles with immense capabilities and competitive pricing. Part of what makes a Toyota vehicle special is its inability to depreciate in performance as the years go on. You’ve heard the stories. Toyota vehicles are like Jason from Friday the 13th: they just don’t die.

    We believe that their tenacity is due to the excellent planning on behalf of Toyota automotive designers, which brings forth innovative models such as the Toyota Corolla. In addition to the finely-crafted interiors that the Corolla offers, you will also find the following models on our lot from time to time:

    Let’s Talk Toyota SUVs

    If you’re considering purchasing any of our Toyota cars for sale, we know that the discussion of Toyota SUVs vs. cars will inevitably come up.

    There are many benefits to opting for a Toyota sedan, including gas mileage, spacious interiors, and also intuitive technology.

    New SUVs for sale also offer similar benefits. The new Toyota RAV4 has a strategically placed infotainment screen, which gives you access to things like road sign recognition. If you’re looking for a great long-distance traveling vehicle, then this feature will come in handy when you’re in the middle of nowhere. You won’t be running through the desert wondering what speed limit you should be going; your Toyota RAV4 will have already told you!

    Plus, all new Toyota vehicle purchases come with ToyotaCare. What is ToyotaCare? It is a free maintenance plan accompanied by Roadside Assistance, which is offered at the time of a new Toyota vehicle purchase. The plan itself covers regular factory-scheduled maintenance for up to two years or 25K miles, depending on which you hit first.

    How to Finance Vehicles

    There are tons of new SUVs for sale in Dallas, TX. We know you have options. You can drive off in a new Toyota Tacoma right now, if you want. What we’re asking is for you to choose us. We are always available to help prospective car buyers find affordable cars in Dallas.

    So if you do decide to trust us with something as intricate as buying a car, we will gladly explain the process to you. There’s nothing but transparency on our end, so here’s what you need to do to purchase Toyota cars for sale:

      • Explore our inventory, seeing which of our new cars can best suit your unique needs


      • Once you have narrowed down your options, you’ll want to book a test drive


      • You’re going to love at least one of the models in the new Toyota lineup — that’s a given. When you do, you’ll apply for financing with one of our Toyota finance specialists


      • Our finance team will walk you through the application, which only takes a few minutes to fill out


      • Once we know what your score is, we’ll tell you what rate you qualify for and narrow down your down payment options while also factoring in any warranty and GAP coverages


      • Finally, we’ll have you contact your insurance company to secure full-coverage policies on the vehicle, showing your lender as the lienholder


    Find Your Toyota Vehicle Today

    The final result is you and the open road, cruising. If you have any questions about our Toyota cars for sale, be sure to come to us! We’re here to help you secure the car of your dreams.

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