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What goes around your wheels is just as important as any other part of your car. Our Toyota tire center will make sure you’re all covered down below.

Tires for Your Toyota

Sure, any tire salesperson who knows their worth can measure the wheels on your Toyota Camry and sell you a tire in the right Toyota Camry tire size. Unfortunately, getting a tire that fits around the wheel is only part of the equation. Our experts at your neighborhood Toyota tire center in Irving, TX, know the answers to these crucial questions:

  • What is the specific tire type I need for my Toyota?
  • How long should I expect my new set of tires to last in my local driving conditions?
  • Which car tires for sale are in my price range?

You don’t want Toyota Tacoma tires on your Toyota Corolla or to have Toyota Corolla tire pressure on your Toyota Tundra truck. You’re asking for different things from each vehicle, and the tires on each vehicle should facilitate that.

When evaluating which tires are best at your local Toyota tire center, ask your tire center expert about the speed rating and tread-wear information of each option. The speed rating will give you a greater idea of performance potential, while the tread-wear information is related to the expected longevity of each set of tires. While neither of these measurements should be expected to have pinpoint accuracy, having a familiarity with them will help you compare options.

Tread Anywhere. You’re Covered

Our tire & wheel protection options make traveling through any terrain a little less worrisome as you’ll know any damage from eligible road hazards1 to your tires and wheels is covered. There are two options for tire protection, and both ensure protection throughout the life of your new tires. Both are optional, and both can be canceled if you find yourself not needing protection at a certain level, and signing up for a protection plan is not required to obtain credit.

  • Platinum – Covers damage to tires & wheels, such as wear and surface scratching
  • Platinum Plus – Paintless repair of dents in the body, and windshield crack or scratch repair, as well as Platinum features
  • Key replacement protection can be added to both Platinum and Platinum Plus plans or bought separately from a plan.

Sign up for either plan today at our Toyota tire center near Dallas, TX. Plans are available across every model, including the new Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma. This isn’t our first rodeo; we’ll make sure you’re protected and familiar with our easy-to-schedule service before you get behind the wheel. When it’s time to take your new Toyota home, you can do so with the confidence that our doors are always open for any car concerns or tire trouble you’d like some help with.

Our Top Technicians

Is your tire pressure light on? Is your tread looking worn down? Do your tires need to be realigned and rotated? While you might not be able to begin figuring out the answers to these questions, our factory-trained technicians know them like the back of their hands. Take your tires in for a quick look, and you’ll be safer for it. Each member of our tire service staff is extremely familiar with every part of the tire and how it can wear down over time, given where you live and how you drive.

Disclosure:1 T&W protection covers damage caused by conditions defined as eligible road hazards which affect the performance of the tires/wheels as a result of the tire failing to hold air, or the wheel failing to seal with the new tire; such failures may prevent the maintenance of the manufacturer’s air pressure specifications. Note: Road Hazards are commonly defined as debris on a public roadway such as nails, glass, potholes, rocks, tree limbs or other objects or conditions not normally found in the roadway.

The Right Tires for Your Toyota

Many tires might be the right size, but the wrong option for your Toyota. Our expert technicians ensure you have the right tires for your specific model.

Nobody knows your Toyota better than we do.

  • Tires matched exactly to your vehicle
  • Road hazard coverage included on eligible tires
  • Factory-trained technicians


Right Tires Vehicle Image
Quarter Test Image

Use the Quarter Test to Check Your Tread

Find the grooves that go around your tire.
Turn Washington upside down and insert him headfirst into a groove. If you can see the top
of his head, you should get new tires.

Visit your Toyota dealer for a complimentary inspection from our certified tire experts.



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