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Off-Road place has dealer agreements with most of the major aftermarket parts providers. We can order parts for you.


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Our Off-Road Place technicians and Toyota Certified Master Mechanics. Find comfort knowing we install products right.


Off Road Place Service & Installs

Off-Road Maintenance:

  • Alignments for new and existing suspension
  • Rig shakedown (basically diagnoses of any issues)
  • Oil Change
  • Greasing service


  • Re-gear
  • Pinch Welds
  • Body Mount Chop
  • Body Mount Relocation
  • Shock Rebuilds
  • Air and E-lockers
  • Cam Tab Gussets


  • Collar Lift
  • Full Lift Kits
  • Lower/Upper Control Arms
  • Bed and Roof racks
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Skid plates
  • Rock sliders
  • Wheels and tires


  • Lighting
  • Supplemental battery/RedArc
  • WolfBox Rearview
  • Camera relocation
  • Censor relocation

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What Is Toyota Off-Road Place?


Off-Road Place is the off-road division of Toyota of Irving, which means that your Toyota’s build is in the hands of Toyota Certified Master Technicians. Whether you are wanting a lift with bigger tires, or a full off-road or overland build, Off-Road Place is a one stop off-road shop that can consult with you on your build, order the parts, and complete the install. We are not just an off-road shop, but we also take our rigs out for adventure and team up with other clubs in the off-roading community. Check out our social profiles to see videos of our adventures.


Leave the Beaten Path With Toyota Off-Road Place


Toyota Off-Road Place is your premier destination for an off-roading build for your Toyota vehicle. As the specialized off-roading center for Toyota of Irving, we have the expertise to lift your vehicle, install specialized off-roading tires, equip your truck or SUV with skid plates, and more. Whether you want a couple of upgrades to better prepare your car for the outdoors or a complete overland build, you’ve come to the right place. The video below shows just how much fun you can have in a vehicle from our off-road shop.


Your Off-Road Community


Toyota Off-Road Place is a hub of the off-roading community here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We can build you the vehicle you’ve always wanted, whether it’s a lifted and revamped Toyota 4Runner or a Toyota Highlander with some extra off-roading chops for your next family adventure. We were founded by automotive professionals who enjoy showing off our rigs – and taking them far off the beaten path.

We can help you design your rig, order your parts, and install them on your vehicle. Our team is comprised of experts in off-roading builds who can create a pavement princess or a rugged adventuring machine. For example, we can turn a Toyota RAV4 into a rock-crawling beast, a perfect car-camping ride, or a flashy showpiece for your social media.

The Toyota Off-Road Place team is proud to be part of a diverse and growing community of outdoors enthusiasts. There’s no feeling like getting behind the wheel of a lifted and adventure-ready vehicle as you head out into the Great Unknown. We enjoy learning from each other and other members of the community. Join us at Toyota Off-Road Place to find your place in the off-road community.


Off-Road Options


We can install all sorts of parts and upgrades on your vehicle. Improved shock absorbers and off-terrain tires make broken terrain easier to cross. Skid plates protect your undercarriage from scrapes and bumps when you’re crawling up a rocky incline. You also might want tow hooks, a winch, or other utility upgrades that make outdoor adventures a blast.

The Toyota Off-Road Place team is also able to help you design storage solutions and lighting systems that allow you to spend the night – or even longer – in the great outdoors. Below, you’ll find images of the sleek car-camping builds we’ve helped produce, along with overlanding beasts of different shapes and sizes. We all look forward to working with you soon to design your rugged dream build.




What is the best Toyota car for bad roads?

There are a number of Toyota vehicles that are great options for folks expecting to travel over bad roads. The Toyota 4Runner is a rugged SUV that rides on a pickup frame, making it well-suited for exploration. You can also opt for a Toyota Tundra or Toyota Tacoma. The Toyota RAV4 or Highlander can also be transformed into effective off-roading builds.

What is the best Toyota engine for off-roading?

When you’re off-roading, you want power. The 270-horsepower V-6 in the Toyota 4Runner is a good choice for an off-roading vehicle. Other Toyota vehicles often use turbocharged four-cylinder engine configurations, which generally offer a little less power but more efficiency. Selecting the right engine for your needs can be complex – the Toyota Off-Road Place team is here to help.

What is Toyota 4×4 called?

The Toyota brand, unlike some automotive manufacturers, does not have a special name for their 4×4 drive system; they simply note whether or not a vehicle has front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, 4×2, or 4×4. This is an advantage for drivers: there’s no need to learn the manufacturer-specific name of a universal feature of automobiles. Toyota cars with 4×4 are rugged and capable adventure machines.


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About Off-Road Place

Off-Road Place is a Toyota Off-Road Outfitter based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that brings a creative, content-focused approach to outfitting off-roading builds. Founded by automotive industry veterans and professional content creators, we are a team of enthusiastic experts who have just as much fun showing off our rigs as we do putting them through their paces on overland adventures. We partner with the hottest manufacturers in the industry to try out the latest and the greatest, and we bring this wealth of field experience to the table when working with owners on their dream builds. We offer build consultation, parts ordering, and in-house installation by Toyota factory-trained technicians.

Whether you’re looking for a pavement princess you can show off on the socials or a hardcore off-road overlanding rig that can tackle any conditions or terrain, we have the expertise and connections to make your build its absolute best. Beyond the build, we are part of a vibrant, diverse community of off-roading enthusiasts who love collaborating, learning from each other, and working together to see what’s over the next ridge. Join us—Adventure Awaits!

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